Hello site, I'd like to ask a very delicate question because there've been some debates about it between me and my close friend. I usually feed stray dogs because I feel pity for them, but my friend said I'm only helping the dog(s) to keep strength to attack "innocent people". I was like, come on stray dogs are usually very fearful and they don't bite unless provoked! But my friend insisted on his view. I'd like to hear your opinions. Do you think feeding stray dogs is a good thing or we should not "keep their strength" for people's safety? I'd call a local shelter so that they can take the stray dogs I come across but unfortunately this service isn't very developed where I live (Ukraine). The problem is that I can't watch animals starve and suffer, and all the dogs I've fed so far didn't show any signs of aggresion.
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Your freind is an ass hole. Only humans can harm each other, c'ause they are selfish. But with animals it is not so. Dogs love every one who treats them properly. But if you abuse them then they wiil retract.

I been feeding stray dogs ever as a kid they never bite me or even growl at me sometimes said stray dogs follow me around and don't blame they dog if you kick them or otherwise abuse them.