Hello site, I'd like to ask a very delicate question because there've been some debates about it between me and my close friend. I usually feed stray dogs because I feel pity for them, but my friend said I'm only helping the dog(s) to keep strength to attack "innocent people". I was like, come on stray dogs are usually very fearful and they don't bite unless provoked! But my friend insisted on his view. I'd like to hear your opinions. Do you think feeding stray dogs is a good thing or we should not "keep their strength" for people's safety? I'd call a local shelter so that they can take the stray dogs I come across but unfortunately this service isn't very developed where I live (Ukraine). The problem is that I can't watch animals starve and suffer, and all the dogs I've fed so far didn't show any signs of aggresion.
I feed stray dogs and cats all the time. If I can, I have them neutered/spayed and vaccinated, but if I can't afford that then I still leave out food and give them some flea prevention and dewormer. It is not their fault that they are strays, but the irresponsibility of humans. I do my best to lessen their suffering when most people turn a blind eye. You should continue to do what you do for the innocent.

Stray dogs rarely "prey" on people and usually live a sad, short lifespan and die on the streets. When rescued they make wonderful companions.
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i feed stray cats and dogs if i can too. of course i've heard that they can attack people but it usually happens when there's a pack and an aggressive leader afaik... lonely dogs will hardly do it unless there's a real threat.
I do try to feed the stray dogs in my area and there is NO animal shelters in my country. Dogs are awesome and deserve love and care and most won't be aggressive unless provoked or hurt. It's great that you are doing this and your friend is wrong in this regard (sorry).
So good on your part. Every sentence u wrote is absolutely right. Yes, stray dogs are very fearful of anything coming towards them. First, they run away if we show them food. Only after they feel that they can believe us, them come to us to eat the food we offer. Only those who experienced the unconditional love of an animal, especilally dogs, can understand how much happiness that gives us when a hungry animal finished the food we put in front of it. In my opinion, only gifted people get this thought of feeding hungry animals. They cann't ask u for food even if they are starving. How sad ? For humans, u give something, they will look for more.
I feed them too. I love them and they never attack me. It's almost impossible. They are adorable. But what should I feed them ? I really want to know what you feed them. Or what is good for them ?
thank you so much ! My friend was arguing with me as she thinks that feeding stray dogs will increase their population....
I feel sorry for their condition and can't help but give them food .
dogs are such lovely animals they don't deserve to live in such conditions
It is totally right if you are feeding them
I live in Nepal and feed the street dogs that live near me. They are very timid and sweet. Once you earn their trust they willnwag their tail and get excited to see you and that's a wonderful feeling. You get a glimpse of how they would be if they were in a loving home. Humans have let down domesticated dogs. If you just use good judgement feeding them is fine. I try to make sure no other dogs (especially males) are around because they get protective and growl. Thank you for helping care for them!
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