Hello experts!

I have a "silly" question; do cats behave different depending on their gender?

A friend of mine has 3 cats; two of them are male and the other one female.

The female one just arrived to their house, but she is really sociable and was not scared of seeing people she didn't know. The male cats, however, escape whenver they see someone they don't know coming...(I've been in their place many times, and they are still afraid of me!)

Is is just my friend's cats? Emotion: it wasnt me
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They can behave differently, I'm sure they do!  But mostly it will be the individual character, so I try not to generalize.

My male cat used to be exactly how you describe above. All macho in the house when no one new is there, but as soon as someone comes over, he'd hide and never come out.
My girls were different. One used to come and smell the newcomers or even stay with people she knew had come over more often, the other one (Persian) used to sit somewhere higher up and keep us all in her view. But run away if someone came towards her.
That's such a weird behaviour!

I always thought it would be different, hahaha - THANK you for the reply Punky!
i'm sure females tend to be more gentle just like women are more sensitive than men. but this is not a strict rule and everything depends on the individual eventually! this is how i think ^_^
It can also vary on species / gender lines as well! Each breed has a certain broad temperment in general, and the vary by gender. Maine Coon toms are clowns, Mine loves to sit on my desk or right next to me, all day long if he could. If he can't see me he's near something that smells of me. They're your dorky younger tag-along brother. To be a Maine coon Queen, however, is to know you're royalty, yet still be admired by your subjects for actually appreciating their work, and honouring them with your presence, grace, and support.
If they are not fixed there are different things that are different between them but if they are they are basically the same. But then again every cat has their own personality regardless of their gender. Being social doesn't have to do with the gender.
If a cat is neutered/ spayed, they act very much alike. If not, the male tends to be more territorial and aggressive and when the females come in to heat they act like... a female in the heat.
I think that different cats have different personalities, so you can't really predict how a cat of certain gender will act.
I always used to think that female cats were friendlier and more sociable than male cats, but when I got two kittens of my own, I found out otherwise. My male kitten Marshmellow is the sweetest, fluffiest, plumpiest little thing (hence his name)! He doesn't care whether you grab him from behind or hug him tightly, and he usually sleeps curled up next to my stomach or head. On the other hand, his sister Mimi, who is a slim shorthair, is just about the opposite. She is always running away from strangers and doesn't like anyone - even me at times - to hold her too long. She does sleep on our bed, but always near the end, next to our feet - never as close as Marshmellow. Still, there's times when Marshmellow prefers being alone and Mimi actually follows me around the house. You can never tell!
I agree with the statement that it most often doesn't depend on the gender, but the personality of the individual cat. My friend has two male cats and they're complete opposites with their behaviour.
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