Alright, so my pup just hit four months and now she's peeing small dime size spots all over my apartment. I'll have just taken her out and she pees a lot outside and then we get back inside and she just starts peeing small spots again.

I've heard, though it's rare, that females can mark their territory. I was wondering if this is the case. I've had male dogs before and this is what happened and they stopped once they were fixed. But will she stop once she is fixed as well?

Thank you for your time.
Hey Stephanie! Welcome to the community.

I'm not sure if females can mark the territory (although I think it is really possible), but perhaps your pup needs some training like any other puppy/kitty? I mean, they may all pee in the house for the first days - they just don't know yet that it's bad.
And just in case - I'd show her to a vet so that he confirms there're no kidney problems or anything. Emotion: smile
Well she had been doing very well at being potty trained before this happened, and this happened a month after geting her.

I had brought it up to the vet and they just shrugged it off as "Oh, well she's just not potty trained then".

But thank you for your advice
Hmmm... first of all I must admit that I don't have much dog experience Emotion: smile but anyway, this is what came to mind. I don't think that a 4 year old pup will mark territory yet, whether it's male or female. It's too early, isn't it? If she had been quite fine with potty training before you took her and within a month after that... maybe now this behaviour is an expression of her missing the old home and her mom? Maybe she feels a bit lonely and tries to draw more attention this way, or maybe she's even moping? I am sure you spend pretty much time together, but still - how long is she usually alone at home?

By the way, a she-friend of mine got a male York about two years ago, and she had the very same problem - the York peed in the house even though he had been potty trained before. I've just asked her how she helped it. I'll post again as soon as I get the answer. Emotion: wink
Well with my mom's pups they started marking at about this time though it varies with each dog and each breed. (Her chihuahuah/terrier mix started marking at 3 months!)

And she is far from sad or mopy! She is an energetic and overly happy thing. Constantly insisting on giving kisses and cuddling. And it's not when she's alone at home that this happens. But even then the longest she's home alone is 5 hours and that's during my night classes and she's usually asleep at that time anyway.

But thank you for your advice! I'll definitely keep an eye on her and see if she seems to be acting any differently =)
Hello Stephanie,
Females do mark their territory, and it isn't that rare in fact. I know a lot of people whose female dogs behaved so. They mark it primarily before and during the heat. It is a sign to male dogs, something like, "I live here and going to get marry soon".
Stephanie HenkelBut thank you for your advice!
I wish I could give any helpful advice! Emotion: smile Wow I would never imagine that a dog can start marking at about 3 months old!! Emotion: surprise
It looks like it is not necessary already but anyway, here's the promised reply from my friend. She said that her York pup was about 2,5 months old when she took him. As soon as she spotted that he was looking for a place to pee, she immediately put him onto the "litter", so eventually he learnt where this thingie had to be done. She said that no other mean could help train the pup. Emotion: smile Now they always do those needs outside though, training like that was a temporary measure because pups want to pee often enough.