My female dog is a dachshund and we heard it's a very hard breed to house break. The problem is that now (after moving from my dad's house) we rent. She has always peed in the house and would never ask to go out. We have tried putting her out all day, we have tried putting her out on a routine, we have tried walking her on a schedule, nothing. She gets back in and will go to her regular pee spot (now it's upstairs right next to our room) and will pee. We cant remove her from her regular spot because she then just finds another. We are at the end of our wit and we don't want to pay to replace the god damn carpeting like my dad is doing!

Please help soon!
Your dog needs to be crate trained. I trained seeing eye dogs for 5 years, from 8 weeks to 12 months, gave them back, and got another. I trained 8 dogs, and almost never had an accident in the house.
It's simple. Put your dog in the crate ( not a punishment) then after she wakes up, take her out immediately. Find a place, tell her to go potty. Praise when she does. If she does not go, put her back in the crate with some fun toys. Wait a while, repeat. The dog does not run free until she pees outside.
We assume a dog knows to go to the bathroom outside. You need to tell her, and show her. Praise her when she goes, make a fuss, then let her play. Once she understands "potty, potty" and has a specific command, she will realize all good things happen when she goes potty.
Do you yell at her or hit her for peeing in the house? This will only instill fear in your dog in regards to her potty habits. A dog only has a few seconds of understanding an action, if you yell at her, she has no clue what you are talking about.
Try positive reinforcement, and contain her in a crate with her favorite toys until she understands the difference from inside potty and outside potty.