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Hi I recently trapped 2 young feral male cats. The smaller one amazingly started purring when I petted him ... found out the person who had promised to feed them is completely unreliable. She refuses to put out clean water.[/nq]Way to go, Sheri. Taking in ferals requires a lot of love and kindness, but then you are rewarded with the most loving Cats of all. I think the little guy is just scared, but he will come around in his own good time. I brought two ferals indoors, one time, and they spent a week under the bed in the guestroom. Then they started to come out at night, to familiarize themselves with the house I guess.

Then one morning we found them asleep in the stuffed chair in the living room. When we came in they woke up and scampered off, but the next morning they woke up and looked at us and then went back to sleep. I've still got both of them and they are like my children. Just remember that love is the main reason that there are miracles.

William Berry, author of "Do You Hear The Cat Voices Singing?" ISBN# 1-59113-455-5
Have you tried giving him some canned tuna. My cats will always eattuna. Adam

Mine too. The vet says it's not good as a regular diet, but anything will do
when a cat is off its feed.
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From what I've read, fatty liver disease (hepatic lipidosis) is usually associated with older, pampered, overweight cats who suddenly become anorexic. I find it hard to believe that a young, skinny, starving feral cat would even live long enough to have a problem with it.[/nq]Well, believe it. I lost one cat twelve years ago (when he was four years old- the littermate of my CRF cat, Jacob) to hepatic lipidosis- he had an extremely tiny heart and could not run around, thus causing him to be mildly overweight. He had a bout of pancreatitis that led to hepatic lipidosis. He died within a week. My veterinarian was so baffled as to how this could have happened that she did an autopsy, which was when we discovered the small heart.

She said she'd never seen such a small heart in a cat. I lost another four-year-old cat (the littermate of Oscar, my healthy-but-chubby snorer) to hepatic lipidosis five years ago. His was ideopathic (cause unknown). He was not obese, but he was a very large cat. In a single day, he went from seeming perfectly normal to being rushed to an emergency vet, and he died a week later, as well.
Hepatic lipidosis is not exclusive to "older, pampered, overweight" cats.

I am Dyslexia of Borg,
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Thanks to all. I do know about the problem with giving onions to cats and am careful to use baby ... to give up. He looks so bewildered that his little buddy is acting affectionate toward me. It's so sad. Sheri

Can you spritz a towel with Feliway and put it in there with them? Maybe that will help calm him. Good luck and keep us posted.

By now, that young cat is probably eating; fasting for three days is common for a frightened cat. He sounds very sweet. For some socializing tips, try reading my article posted to the Campus Cats website: Taming the Tiger. Good luck with the little guy.
Sharon Talbert
Friends of Campus Cats
I am however worried the one feral cat is going to die if he continues to refuse to eat. Any ideas?

Feed it street food what it's been eating before you meddled in it's life.
Did you actually see the cat eating prior to containing him? Perhaps he stopped eating before...dental problems..medical problems...they might be the culprit.
I am however worried the one feral cat is going to die if he continues to refuse to eat. Any ideas?

Feed it street food what it's been eating before you meddled in it's life.

Actually he's been fed regular cat food steadily since he was a kitten. A woman who lives in these apartments puts out tons of canned and dry food every night. The problem is that these two feral cats have become so dependant upon her. Then she'll leave for a week or so and not make arrangements for someone to feed them. She also refuses to put out clean water (last summer during a dry spell, some of the cats she was feeding drank fluids underneath cars and died).

I decided to take the 2 little guys in when this irresponsible woman left for a week and I found them practically wailing outside her apartment one night. I fed them that week. Now she's going away for 3 weeks over Christmas. I am moving, and most people around here don't like cats. I just couldn't let them starve for 3 weeks.

The younger of the 2 cats seems blissful about his capture. He's about to eat me out of house and home. The other cat is a little older and the adjustment will be harder.
So far I've had no luck in getting him to eat yet. I'm trying everybody's suggestions one by one. If he still refuses in the next couple days, I'll take him to the vet. I don't want to lose this cat. I found out that he was abused by some kids here that liked to throw bottles and stuff at him. No wonder he's so scared of people ...

He will come around in time, Sheri. You are terrific!! Gail
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