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HI everyone,
Just wanted to let y'all know that the feral cat is now eating. He's not consuming near as much as his smaller buddy, but I was relieved to see him nibble a bit. I'll admit that I kind of freak out when a cat won't eat. A couple years ago, one of my cats stopped eating for over a week (probably due to feeling rotten from a urinary tract blockage). That cat was middle-aged and overweight and ended up with fatty liver disease. I had to force feed him for 11 weeks before he started eating on his own.
Thanks for all your suggestions,
I'm so glad to hear that kitty is eating. He's probably not used to people or confinement, poor thing. I hope time helps.

Yay, that's grat news. I hope this is the beginning of many happy years you will all spend together.
(take the litter out before replying by e-mail)
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