I wonder if the ferret woke up with a headache. Emotion: surprise It's amazing how deep they can sleep. I remember my cat doing the same long time ago, actually. He could sleep so well that I could touch & move his paws / head just the same way and he wouldn't wake up for a while.

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Lazier than a cat:)
Holly molly! I knew animals could sleep very tight but that ferret is one of a kind. Emotion: surprise
This ferret is awesome. A king of deep sleeping.
Did they give him sleeping pills? Emotion: big smile
How on earth can that be! Emotion: surprise I'd swear he was dead! Looks like I know too little about ferrets!
Wow I had no idea they do that!
Funny thing, did you guys notice the other pet? Playing with a magazine? Emotion: stick out tongue
(Can't see well what it is...or maybe I just don't know the name!)
Yeah I noticed them in the "background". Emotion: big smile I wonder what they were thinking about humans playing with their sleeping buddy, lol.
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