Is there any way to help my 3 year old, female, miniature poodle get over her fear of firecrackers? No matter how far away and faint the noise, she still tucks her tail and trembles, hiding under a chair. This seems to be getting worse instead of better.
hi sue, I have poodles too, and what used to scared the beegees out of my oldest girl was thunder. I moved to Oklahoma a couple years back, and we had never heard anything as loud as the thunder here. so, when I started to notice how Chloe was starting to freak out I did with her what seemed most natural. (please note, my dogs are not coddled or allowed to be prissy)I got al excited and started to say" wow, isn't that loud?it's so neat! and we all went out and watched the storm roll through *from the safety of the indoor porch, I ewwwed and ah'ed generally made the dogs think I'd gone over the edge.I acted happy and excited.

after several episodes of this my dogs all now think the big sky noises are just so cool. I would like to think that it could be the same way with firecrackers. Any chance you don't like the noise either? try learning to love it. good luck!!
weird - we have a 10 month old Yellow Lab who loves fireworks. He positions himself where he can watch it better and wags his tail. He does notseem to like firecrackers too much but loves rockets, sparklers, shooting stars, roman candles etc.
Hard to believe but true!
Thanks for all of the suggestions. Don't think I'll go for the $65 Anxiety Wrap, but an Ace bandage and lots of enthusiasm on my part are sure worth a try. I did find the Anxiety Wrap web site very interesting.
Our yellow lab loves fireworks, he sits down and watches roman candles, sparklers, bottle rockets..does not mind the vacuum cleaner running either..weird..