Does anyone here use it? I'll really appreciate if you share your experience:

Is it really flushable?
Does it deal good with smell?
Will my cat notice a difference?
Is it ok to flush cat feces into the toilet?

Sorry for so many questions but I really like the idea of just scooping and flushing so I'm seriously considering to switch over.
I only use Dr. Elsey's scoopable cat litter but I never flush it. Regardless of what they say it can damage your plumbing or septic system. I just scoop once or twice a day and use biodegradable poop bags. I have no complaints at all about this litter. It's really great! No dust at all and my cats like it just fine.
I would never flush cat litter just to be sure my pipes don't get clogged up! There's already enough stuff in them...
I use normal litter but sometimes flush the fresh poo down the toilet because sometimes she won't cover it. I don't think I'd use flushable cat litter because I'd be scared about the plumbing no matter if they say it's ok.
Do NOT flush the supposedly flushable litter! I made that mistake once, when it first entered the market. It doesn't flush well at all, and I ended up having to unclog the pipes.