Which food brand do you feed your cats? Since my girls are getting old and male cats have a tendency to develop bladder stones, I've switched to premium cat food such as Purina. It's definitely more costly, but I'm sure it will save me from trips to the vet!
Well, as regards to dry food, my cat eats only Royal Canin. He doesn't admit any other dry food (perhaps he's simply fastidious). And among canned food, he likes Whiskas pretty much. Emotion: smile
I've now switched to IAMS. I noticed that the other good food I bought them didn't last them that long because they would eat it more due to the nice smells (I'm guessing ) rather than eat when they are hungry. IAMS really seems to satisfy their hunger, hence it lasts longer, and on my Persian cat I can really see a change in her fur! It's gotten so shiney like never before Emotion: dance
I used to buy IAMS for my cat too, but for some reason, they ceased to sell it out here long time ago, so now it's Royal Canin only...