My dog vomited this night, he's still weak and passive, shivers from time to time, has got diarrhea, and his nose is dry. I tried to take him for a walk this morning but he wasn't very willing to do it unlike usual. To my relief he was more lively outside than at home. When we came back he lied down and started to shiver slightly again. He couldn't pick up anything from the ground and eat it because I always watch after him. What I'm thinking about is that he got poisoned with a piece of meat I gave him yesterday.. in fact, I ate it too and didn't feel very well this night and still I'm not fully OK. My dog is 12 years old, a Dachshund. Is there anything I can give him now to make him feel better? Maybe activated charcoal? Thanks in advance.
I would take him to a veterinarian asap! No one here is a licensed veterinarian... the best thing you can do for your dog is seek professional advice from a real vet.

~ vet tech and animal rescuer
Thanks for your reply. He's definitely better today. No more shivering nor diarrhea. His appetite still isn't too good but I guess it's normal after a food poisoning. I hope he'll be fully ok soon but if anything goes wrong I'll take him to a vet. Thanks again.
I'm happy to hear that your dog's diarrhea has stopped. Just make sure that he drinks a lot of water to flush out his digestive system, and keep a close eye on him.Try to offer his favourite treats as well. Getting him to eat will help to push the last of the poisoned food through.

If you notice any further deterioration on his health, then get him to a vet immediately.
Glad to hear he's feeling better!
i can imagine exactly what you're going through because my kitty has had a food poisoning too these days. now he feels much better fortunattely. i hope your dog is better too!