this is a question i often see from novice snake owners so i decided to make this post. hopefully it will be useful for many.

to determine food size appropriate for your snake, use this simple rule:

measure your snake at its widest part. that part is usually mid body. then measure the food you're going to give at its widest part. it's usually across the back hips. compare the two measurements. they should be approximately the same size. the food measurement should not exceed 1,5x of the snake's wisest part. you don't have to do accurate measurements, rough ones should be fine.

it doesn't mean snakes cant eat larger or smaller meals but if you follow this approach you can never go wrong. it'll also help prevent obesity.
I knew this before and I'm sure every snake owner should be aware of this rule. Thanks.
a rule of thumb is also if the snake can get the head through then the rest is usually a goner ..