The Flyball Dog’s Psalm
Hail Lady, mother of dogs,
Blessed art thou among women.
Holy Lady, throw for us, thy puppies,
Now, and in the hour of our boredom.
She rewardeth the swift and the obedient;
She sayeth "Woo Hoo", and maketh much of them
She petteth their ears, and kisseth their muzzles
She calleth them good dogs.
Her wrath is fearsome, her alpha roll, mighty;
She smacketh the snapper's snout.
The evildoers' tails shall be between their legs,
Their slinking shall be shameful.
Our Lady anointeth mine paws with New Skin;
She giveth me Immodium when I haveth the squirts;
She prepareth kibble when I hunger and treats are in her pockets; When I sorrow, her lap consoleth me.
She holdeth my harness that I not false start.
She equipeth me with skid boots
That I may powerslide to victory
In the face of mine rivals.
She rewardeth the faithful with many casts,
For hers are the frisbee,
And the tennis ball,
And the squeaky toy,
Now and forever,
Kathleen Hansen
Copyright 2003
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