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Hi anon, is there a local animal welfare organization you could contact so that they check on the Yorkie?

Organizations like that are not very spread here in Russia but I've heard that in the USA for example they can take a pet away from the owner if he doesn't provide it with sufficient care or, which is worse, if he abuses the animal!
I would give the dog back if I were you even if I loved it a lot. Because the owner probably misses it a lot and I know how that fells because my cat Chewy is gone. I miss him a lot so I know how the owner feels so give the dog back.Emotion: dog
Years ago I found a dachshund under similar circumstances. I wanted to keep the dog, but an elderly neighbor said it would be very wrong and I should contact the owner and let them decide. I did with heavy heart at first. The woman who was the rightful owner was elated. She was so happy to be reunited with her dog. She offered me money. I couldn't take it. The dog, too, was glad to see her. Someone had stolen her dog. She thought it was workers across the street but she had no proof.
Now, 30 years later, I'm faced with something. My little dog was stolen 4 weeks ago. I've put up signs and put in reports. As time passes, my circle widens but the signs ate fewer due to time shortage with work and all. I may never get Little Moo back. But I pray that if anyone has her and sees my signs, even if they don't have the understanding of the pain and depression in losing a loved dog, that at least decency in knowing that it isn't theirs will help them return her to me. I would be ever grateful and would pass it forward in someway.