I found out about this through the "2009 weird science awards"

"A cat named Yoda made a big splash during the summer of 2008, thanks to his crazy kitty ears. He was born with an extra set of outer ear flaps, or pinnae, and once the photo was posted on the Internet ... well, the rest is hiss-tory. "For the past few days, our phone has just been ringing off the hook," said Ted Rock, Yoda's owner. The trait is rare among mammals, but not all that rare." - msnbc

Four-eared cat Yoda

Can't decide which set of ears would look better on her Emotion: wink
Yoda Yoda Yoda, hmmm I know I know someone with a cat named Yoda, but of course how could I forget. Why Mel's cat Yoda is named Yoda... lol. I have never seen such a thing as a four eared cat. wow.
Yay... I wonder whether he feels comfortable with such ears or not...
Looks fantasticly.