About a year ago, i took in a common boa that had a severe respiratory infection (bubbles out the nose, wheezing, etc.)
It took 3 months of proper temps, medication and care to get her back to normal.
She is completely recovered now, and has a very sweet disposition (she'll even let you pet her on the head without a flinch).

I would like to give her away to one of the frequent posters here. I'll even split the shipping charges to get her in a home
that I feel good about. She's about 6' long with a girth slightly larger than a baseball.
If you're interested, email me at:
adam (Email Removed)
I really don't want to let her go, but I need to focus all my herp attention down to my Hog Islands.
umm..where are you located?
umm..where are you located?

This would be a good time to plug the "Frequent Posters" page which divulges such info, http://www.mcmartinville.com/chris/reptiles/rph/posters.htm, and also to tell you he's in south-central Texas USA.

Please pay attention to the temperatures!
In most areas of the US, it may be too cold to ship this size animal. Heat packs aren't too effective unless you put 20+ in the box with a snake this large.
I'm not saying it can't be done, but please look at the temperatures!!!

Good Luck Find It A Good Home!
Jim Smith

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Austin Tejas.
Duh! Thanks Chris..I didn't even think about that..lol.

Duh! Thanks Chris..I didn't even think about that..lol.

Thanks for the kind response. Usually when someone posts a reply like that where it's hard to convey tone, the original poster gets all bent out of shape!
No problem Chris. I'm not usually one to get bent outta shape, especially over a post in a discussion group..lol. I understood what was meant. Actually tho, I never could find spit's info on the site! Maybe because of this webtv I use..I dunno. Great site tho! Anyway, too cold to even consider shipping a snake of any kind right now. I guess I was hoping he was right here in the Carolinas..lol. I just got an unwanted Boa a couple of months ago. A lady I know had bought the snake hoping to breed "him" with her female.

He turned out to be a she, so she let me have her at a very reasonable price. "Lucy" is around 2 years old, and already about 7 feet. And sweet as can be, so far. A friend of mine bought a Ball Python last year, and got tired of it pretty fast. I ended up with that one too, now named "Ozzy". Another friend got a baby anthrystic Kenyan Sand Boa. Really tiny, and couldn't get it to eat at all.Guess where it is now...lol. Over a foot long & eats like a horse now.

"Grabboid"..from the Tremors movie. Not to mention "Elvis", the demonic Savannah Monitor. He was about 6 inches a few months ago, now about 20 inches with Godzilla's attitude. Lotta fun, this one. His first owner "didn't know he would bite!" Lastly, there is "Squirt", the Marine Toad. Pet store closing, no one seemed to want a toad. Almost gave it to me so it would have a good home. Now I'm worried she is gonna offer me this Nile Monitor that no one seems interested in.

I may not have room for that one..
So many herps, so little time!!
I seem to be getting back into the hobby head over heels. Was kinda absent for abut 10 years or so. I love asking for opinions here & seeing all the replies.
Didn't mean to ramble on so..
Have great New Year!!
What a lovely gesture. I am not a frequent poster, rather, I am a frequent lurker. I would love to be able to take that snake off your hands but I can't. First, I don't have the room for it, second, I am not a frequent poster. I have an idea. Mail it to Mcmartin, he won't mind.