Free Report & Fortnightly Newletter
I have created a free dog training booklet which may be helpful to some members of this group.
This is a full, down-to-earth, easy to read programme to read now.

The whole report is based upon the training method 'praise and reward'.
I have packaged them into an electronic book which you can download free of charge from my website.
You will also be send a fortnightly news letter which will include: Training Tips
Grooming Tips
Health Care Information
The report and newsletter are both entirely FREE and are sent to you without obligation for further products.
Simply send me a blank e-mail to the below address, and I will send you details immediately.
Mail to: (Email Removed)
I hope that this will be useful to you, and of course I always welcome any feedback which you can give me.
The free report has been approved and welcomed by many dog trainers and dog owners.
Best regards, and thank you kindly for reading.
~~ Mail to: (Email Removed) ~~
NB. I sincerely apologise that the free training book is not compatible with MAC users,
however please send your blank email to register to our Free Newsletter!

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