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I have an idea! Why don't you get a dwarf rabbit? They are cute, fluffy, and they don't bite if you socialize and treat them appropriately. Emotion: smile
Thanks Nola
your all wrong. get a chinchilla there great and are friendly when treated right
Hamsters keep you awake at night and sleep all day. Would you like to be disturbed while fast asleep? I know I wouldnt . gerbils are a lot more fun and tolerate being handled a lot better than hamsters. They are also fun to watch burrow and making tunnels, so if you do go for them then make sure you get a big glass tank rather than a cage.

Guinea pigs also make great kids pets. They are easy to handle and very rarely bite. Keep them in the house though or the kids will get bored of them very quickly.
Agree with the hamsters. If you do get them, don't keep them in the same room as anyone sleeping!
And yes, gerbils bite less.
we have had all kinds of animals the two that I can say NEVER bit us were guine pigs and I know it sounds weird but rats also.. if you by rat as a baby they don't fear you. NOT MICE! Rats.. lol from petsmart or petco any near by pet store
good luck!
no you are not right because hamsters bite but guinea pigs like to play they do not bite and they don t need sleepvery much and you can get then at petsmart bayers lake
guinea pigs is your best bet! the only thing the do is nibble and it doesn't hurt one bit. you want even notice it until you see.
no my answer would be rabbit im having 3... go ahead.Emotion: embarrassedEmotion: kissEmotion: wave.
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