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all(most healthy) pets do not bite if handled properly. Emotion: smile
LaurenHello all,Surprisingly, hamsters and other rodents can be much more unpredictable than cats and dogs when it comes to biting. They are small and fragile. They can be hurt by accident even if you're careful. When it happens, they have to react (bite) to protect themselves. It often looks like they do that without a reason but it's not so because we may just miss the reason and the "warnings" the animal sends to us. This is very unlikely with dogs when you can barely miss the warning sings (unless you know very little about dog body language).If I was thinking about a "safe" cuddly pet for my kid I'd probably choose a cat with a very calm temperament like Persian, or any cat from a local shelter that doesn't show signs of hyperactivity. You can clip a cat's nails to minimize scratching, if you like. But that's just my preference.
Hi my mom says i cant have a pet that bites but i want a small furry pet any suggestions would be greatly appresiated
Yes ok but I did have a hampster and it stank my room out but I want a mother one now because they are small cute and furry.Emotion: left hug
hey want a small furry pet for your child? Well you got it right hamsters are what you are looking for if you think your child is responsible there will be rare chances of bites from them, hamsters feel scared when you look over them or hold them a lot then they will get scared or uncomfortable and bite for defense. If you don't move them a lot they will feel much more safe too! Hope this helps xx
A Guinea Pig doesn't really bite. They just nip at you lightly. I read somewhere that when they nip, you don't really feel it. I think a Guinea Pig would be a great pet.

Hi I don't know what type of hamster to gat that does not bite and friendly and small for beginners will you help

If you're so worried about bites then I'd say a small lizard like geckos, they aren't fuzzy not major cuddle bugs depending on the type (bearded dragons on my favorite, they are bigger but don't bite unless it feels the need for protection.) The point is you cannot hope to get your child an animal that you are not expecting a bite. You absolutely HAVE to keep an open mind. All children will experience bites from all sorts of things including their small pets. And every animal is most likely to bite at least once, just like humans. What child have you ever heard of that never bit a single other person or thing? None. So just be nice and have an open mind.

I had a hamster before and it always tried to bite me. At first it was nice but then it just started to be aggressive the guy at Petsmart said to leave the hamster alone for 24 hours because if you with leave it alone by itself for more than 24 hours then he or she might bite because u did not spend enough time with it.

Does anyone know what type of small pet i could get for my bedroom i have been looking for ever onthe internet but havent found a thing please tell me also just so you know i am a kid and and a girl so no spiders
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