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Guinea pigs smell AWFULL within a matter of hours 😣 this is putting me off going down that route.. my daughter is obsessed with dogs and is so desperate for one. However we can't have a dog because we have a cat. Who won't accept a dog or cat or anything that runs around 'his turf' so looking for something that's protected by a cage and obviously it would only be gotten out once we knew the cat was out or in a different room and door closed so could play and handle it without fear.. it's came up as hedgehog in most searches. And oh dear me r they cute! But I think that's only in the Us.. plus they're very timid to begin with so a cat watching or walking past might terrify them.. so confused!

Gerblis are a litte bit smaller than hamsters and hamsters bite and i don't mean gist nibble i mean bite and make you bleed really bad a have got biten by a hamster befor and it hreatand gerblis bite to gist not as bad so if i was you i would not git ether of these gist so you know.

Maby a guinea pig

Mayby try a small rabit

Beta fish help reduce stress, high pressure and anxiety. Another recommendation a canary or small birds which only Peck.

Maybe a guinea pig I heard that they don't bite

Turtles are not that good for children, as they carry a disease. However, there is no such thing as a small animal or pet that cannot bite. I have had bunnies in the past though, and they were very good. They are playful and fun for children too. Even if you are going to get a pet, It's good to get one young or as a baby, so they could get to know you well so they will be more friendly. I'd say bunnies are brilliant for you, but it is my opinion. Also, It's good to do some research on the pet or animal, and if you have an asthmatic child, who is allergic to cats, then It's not good to get them a pet because they are pretty much allergic to all animals. [ like me Emotion: sad ] If you do have an asthmatic child though, you should get a reptile as they can be less allergic and it won't cause anything or make their condition worse. Bunnies are energetic, quite harmless, and fun. My ones never bit, but licked me out of kindness and love. Ido know some animals that do bite, so that's why I'm saying its good to get a young one. It also depends on how old your children are and what they know about animals... Like if they know how to care for them, or hold them without hurting them. I would recommend researching on that, and watching videos on how to hold them or care for them in some ways.

I'm not sure if I can answer to what you reply to, since I don't use this website, so I'm sorry about that, but you can research and do other things.

From Crystal.

Ill go with guinea pigs because they barely bite

Why not get her a nice small bird??
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