(Note by owner: will let my cats write a little for a change...)

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How refreshing it is to finally find a site in the world wide web where we, the pets, can blog! It's not only about the humans anymore!
After having watched my human work this computer lots of times, I'm confident I can figure all these buttons out Emotion: big smile

All this space for me to write something, I shall start off introducing myself and my roomies.
My name is Gizmo, originally Quidditch, and I'm turning 7 in April. I'm a maine coon (pure breed I might add) male and I live with another maine coon Yoda, and a persian called Chewy, both pretty boring females in my opinion. Must be the age.... Oh and of course our human, Angela lives with us too.

I was actually born in Germany and was 6 weeks old when Angela came to pick my up from where I lived. She brought me to a home in Berlin where Yoda and Chewy were already living. I was quite happy to move out of that mad house I was living in - I tell ya, 3 humans, my parents, 5 siblings and 3 dogs running around; it was a mad house! But then things didn't get any easier for me in Berlin, meeting the girls.
I was so happy to see that I wasn't going to live all alone with a human, that I ran up to the girls to smell them, only to get scratched and hissed at! Hello? I was half the size of them and so darn cute, till today I don't understand it. Well it took about 2 weeks for "the boss" Yoda to finally accept me, and Chewy just copied whatever she did anyways. What can I say? Yoda loves me now... especially that I quickly grew almost twice her size and she can't do anything whenever I jump on her (yes I'm still young and she's the only hottie around). Chewy is not really my type, persians, snobby, and her fur is just not as appealing to me..

Three years ago Angela literally threw us in her car and decided to spend a week driving to Malta! Malta! What was wrong with Germany? Man that was the most horrible experience in my life, that entire month. First the car ride, then the extremely turbulent flight from Sicily to Malta (we couldn't go on the ferry because of bad weather), and then one month of living in a cage (quarantine they call it)! What was all of that for? We all got fleas because of it and are now living in a country where it's just too warm most of the year. And the girls, ok they are both turning 11 next year, but that experience seems to have made them OLD and boring. Oh no, Gizmo wants to play, let's pretend we're sleeping... pfft.

Well one good thing came out of it all. Our human is spending a lot of time at home now. No more leaving in the morning and coming back in the evening like it was in Germany. I can now bother her whenever I want. The thing I enjoy the most is when she seems to be really concentrated and is staring at her monitor, I jump onto the chair from behind and then she starts babbeling at me with her angry voice haha, what fun. Or, running around the flat singing (she calls it yowling) is so much fun, because that's when I get the most attention. What gets her really raging is when I want to cuddle with Yoda, well, on top of Yoda. That's when Angela actually gets up from her chair and chases me screaming to leave poor old Yoda alone, that Yoda's going to get a heart attack because of the stress I give her. As if, Yoda needs to loosen up and not take life so seriousely.

Anyhow, that's a little introduction from my side. I still have to teach the girls how to do all this.
Any comments on how to maybe make Yoda relax a little would be greatly appreciated Emotion: wink Plus, are really ALL persians so darn stubborn?

Mr. G


More pictures of me in Punkybrewster's gallery! Emotion: rock

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