My humans are busy at the kitchen right now, so I've finally managed to get hold of the keyboard! Emotion: rock

I am the only feline in the family and I have had to take care of 4 humans, which was not easy at times. But let me start from the very beginning.

My name is Barsik. I turned 15 this August. The family took me just when I was a kitten of several weeks old. If my memory is true (15 years are not a joke!), I couldn't find my mom and was lost in someone's backyard all alone. A couple of children grabbed me and brought me to their house. (How could they ignore such an adorable kitty anyways?) Then they started to show me to their friends as if I was a toy! Not the best period of my life... I was sitting in a little box without any idea of what would happen. Fortunately, two kids who came to have a look at me couldn't stand a little charming grey kitten, fluffy as a dandelion, sitting lonely in a box, and they took me to their own house. So, I got a new family. The big boss (the head of the pride and the father of the children), didn't want to take me at first, but I must say a big thanks to their mother. This lady persuaded the big boss, and he gave in finally. Ah, he felt in love with me very soon too 'cause I was (and still am) just irresistible!

It was fun to grow up with the two children. I always kept an eye on them, but my most attention and responsibility were given to the youngest girl, and she was actually giving me more attention than her older bro. We loved to play and study together. Yes, I loved to read books with her (silly people still think we cats can't read, ha ha ha!), even though sometimes she was grumbling at me something like, "Get off my book, I don't see anything!" I also loved to lie on her desk under a warm lamp... it was so purrfectly relaxing... sometimes she grumbled because of that too though, since I was supposedly taking too much space in the desk centre. Why did she ever decide the desk belonged to her only? I had my rights too whether she liked it or not!

Anyways, she grew up, got married, and now she's no longer living with me which makes me really sad at times. I'm still taking care of her parents, but I do miss her... it's great that she comes to visit me! She and the big boss often try to make a picture of me but I don't really like that black snapping thingie aimed at my face. Brrr! What fun in that? Sometimes they manage to succeed, I must confess. Go to Ruslana's gallery to see how angry I am sometimes because of that, for example:

Even hiding under a blanket doesn't always help and they still manage to make a shot of me!!

Oh my humans are coming back from the kitchen, gotta run! See ya around! [8-8]
Hi Barsick, I enjoyed reading about ur life. I live with a mean cat, Melissa Rainbow Johnson. She llikes to torment me. I wrote a story just about her on my blog (still she's mean!) You can read it at it's called Pussy Whooped! You type KittyEnglish very well and are very good looking (for a cat)!