What funny things have your cats done to make you laugh out loud?

Today Miky was sitting in the hallway and all of a sudden began to chase his tail round in a frantic circle. He went dizzy and flopped down the stairs while still trying to catch his elusive tail. Don't worry, he wasn't hurt. It looked very funny!

Another thing that happened recently is this. I entered a room and saw him in his cat bed, he looked up at me and yawned, did a big long stretch and... fell out of the bed so that it turned upside down covering him. He looked so bemused. Emotion: big smile
Mine has never chased his tail but he loved to hide under a newspaper when he was younger. Emotion: giggle It was like, a newspaper was at one side of the couch and Barsik was at the other, then he rushed to the newspaper and tried to get under it at full speed. Ah! I miss those days.
Another story. I had a bath and was lying in bed with Miky after. Then I realized I hadn't let the water out of the tub. I went to fix it and Miky followed me. He was watching the draining water curiously and then all of a sudden jumped into the water. I had never seen a cat run so fast! I still can't guess what made him jump into the swirl!
Miky cracks me up! He does!
He was sitting on a chair and started to scratch his neck. He got so involved that fell over! I laughed hard because he looked like "Eey! Who knocked me down?!" Emotion: big smile
I know cats are supposed to be smart but any time there is a crow on TV Ginger goes nuts looking for it! Emotion: big smile Silly yeah?
Once I was wondering where Olivia's two favourite toy balls had vanished. I searched for them everywhere for quite a long time until one day I found them... under the fridge! Now I check that secret chest of hers often and sometimes have to take toys out of there. I don't know why it's always under the fridge but not under the bed for a change. Maybe she likes to store her toys in the same place where her food is. =D