I've heard of different types of furniture for dogs, for example chairs, sofas, tents, blankets, etc. Do you think these are really necessary or it's a bit silly to buy a sofa purposely for a dog? Some of my friends say it's a waste of money and that a simple covering on the floor in a dog's favorite spot will do. Thanks for your opinions.
I have found that furniture for dogs, for the most part, is a waste of money unless you can train your dog to actually like and use it. Most dogs I've see are happiest on the floor or on YOUR furniture. Emotion: giggle
i think animals don't realize if something is bought or made for them on purpose or not, they just like things they like. they don't care about fashion. so i'd agree with justabrat it's a waste of money! ^_^
Personally, I could see it both ways. I allow my animals on the furniture, so I have no reason to waste money on anything dog specific, as she has her choice of daybed, couch and king sized bed. However, there are a lot of people who don't want their dogs on THEIR furniture, but at the same time don't want them to have to be on the floor. Just a dog bed would be better than nothing, but with it being directly on the floor, it still wouldn't give as much comfort as something raised away from the hardness. In those cases, such furniture would be warranted.
I do not think it's neccessary because dogs can live happily without the.They just need to play and relax in a cool spot.

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