My leopard gecko seems to have had a shedding malfunction, most of it has come off but there is an area around one of his eyes, actually the whole side of his face that apparently refuses to come off.
This seems to be hampering him greatly, there is a crusty film over one eye and it interfers with his mouth, and it generally seems to be getting his spirits down, he has not eaten in weeks.
Hes nice and plump, but I don't know how long he can last without eating.

I tried peeling a bit of it off for him, I did get some but the area around his eye still remains, and I'd hate to break out the tweezers in such a sensitive area if any other option remains.
Any ideas how to help the little fella rid himself of this unwanted skin ?
it has to come off, it shouldnt have been left on for weeks

you can get something called like shed away or shed ease..but i have never used it.
just keep dampening and make sure it softens and comes off
Well it wasn't on for weeks, I just noticed it.
Probably a few days.
I've had him for about 5 years and he typically gets a bit lethargic in the winter, and often goes weeks without eating - Then he'll come back and chow like mad.
I didn't notice the problem since he mostly hides away in a log during the day, I saw him walking on a stick that leads to an upper level and it was obvious he was having a hard time, so I took a closer look and noticed the unshed skin hampering his whole face area.
I got about 95% of it off, he seems to be doing much better already. Hes blinking and licking his face, something he was unable to do before, with the dried skin almost bonding his mouth and eyes shut. There is still a little bit left, right under his eye lid when I am very leary of going in with tweezers, since one jerk of his head could put his eye out.
He doesn't mind being handled at all and is quite docile, but any critter is going to squirm a bit getting prodded like that, I know I would.

I put a wet sponge in with him, hopefully the remainder will work itself out naturally, if not I'll have to go to plan B.
Thanks for the response.
The eyes are pretty tough, i have had some v bad shed and with eye infections, so had to tug a little at the eye with care and damp cloth. even on a blind one.
we had a rescue come in last week, bad legs and was told v bad at shedding, its a adult.
it was shedding today and i had todo its head and body, and on its deformed legs, but its fine now..
just take your time...
Am pleased to say he now appears back to normal, and has eaten for the 1st time in weeks.
Lost a little weight, but still a little plump, looks like hs had some reserve left.
There has been a meal worm shortage in my area, none of the pet shops have them. He likes crickets but isn't the best cricket stalker, they practically have to walk in his mouth.
I could cripple the crickets of course, don't quite have the heart to do that, so hopefully the worm supply will be back on track soon.
yes i had a lot like that, some better than others...sometimes i offer locust, a bit easier to fatch for them