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Russian Blue Feeding Amounts?

We recently got a 6 yr Russian blue. He's about the size of a small dog and weighs about 10kg. We aren't sure how much dry food to feed him or wet food. We normally mix...


How do I get my 6 month old Border Collie to stop barking when she first goes outside?

Self Cleaning Litter Box?

Can two cats use the same litter box if it’s self cleaning?

My Ragdoll?

He will be very high energy for a couple hours re s and then act as if he can't move or walk or jump on things as he normally does what causes this? And what do I give him for...

Why Do Cats Hate Men?

Is it true that most cats hate men? If yes, why do they do that? Are they afraid of men? My friend's cat runs away and hides any time a man comes to their house (she doesn't live...

Cat's Deep Sleep

Hi to everyone. I sometimes find my cat to be sleeping VERY deep. By that I mean I can lift his head slightly and even toss it around gently (please don't shout at me for this...

Puppies Won’T Poop?

Puppy is constpated

Polydactyly In Cats

Have you ever seen a polydactyl cat, guys? They are also called mitten foot, mitten cat or thumb cat. I hadn't known such a thing was possible... until yesterday. Look at the...

Make Dogs Get Along?

I have a pit/boxer she is 9 we rescued her from people that used to fight her we also have a American pit who is 3 we have had both dogs 3years except older one 1 month longer...

Wormed Now Sick What To Do

Wormed my dog now sick 0ff balance throwing up uellow amd clear pooping runny whit wont eat drinks a lil than hack and throws up lost alot of weiggt

Baby Corn Snake Not Eating?

We baught a corn snake 3 weeks ago for my daughter it is suposed to eat a pinky every 7 days we have tried live feed but now try frozen then thawed as it do not want to eat...

Cat Whiskers?

Why do straight whiskers turn curly?

Can Cats Be Gay?

This is probably a bizarre question but... can cats be homosexual? I'm asking it because I have two male cats, one of them is 2 years old and neutered, the other is 10 months...

New Blog

Hey everyone, started a blog about my website and my Alex if you'd like to check it out! [link]/

Ball Python Throwing Up?

My ball python is 11 months old recently I gave him a medium mouse to eat which he took and ate, prior to this, about two days earlier, I gave him two small mice because that...
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