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Stray Cats

Hi Could you please give us some help, as to how we can stop stray wild cats from sleeping on our outdoor furniture over night as they continually upset the dogs and then offcourse...

Poll: Do You Let Your Cat(S) Out?

Is your cat totally indoors or you let it out sometimes?

The Passing Of My Beloved Dexter.

I am so sad to say that my beloved Dexter has passed on the 16th June 2010 due to poisoning. He was only just over a year old. We will miss him so much and will always be thinking...

Tortoiseshell Cats, Are They Always Female...

Hello the page, Is it true that tortoiseshell cats are always female? I cannot believe that male cats can't have such a pattern. Ideas please?

Surprised Kitty Sticks Paws Out

You'll LOVE this one!!

Long Road Trip With Two Cats?

My husband and I are moving from NY to AZ and we plan to drive with our two cats. Initially, we thought to drive for 10 hrs/day so that we can get to our destination as fast as...

New Channel 4 Show Looking For An Easily...

Hi everyone, This may seem a bit random, and I have posted similar things on here recently but bear with me. I'm working at a TV production company called Maverick and we're developing...

Is This True?

I've heard that when a cat feels that she's getting old and that she's dying, she leaves her home and goes away to die. Is this true?

Cutest Cat Attack

It was really cute. The dog must be a king of patience, hehe.

Why Are Black Cats Considered "Evil"?

Hello everyone, Why do you think black cats are considered "evil" and there are so much prejudice about them? Is it all just because of the dark coat colour? Reminds me of race...

Kittycat Trying To Catch The Lazer.

How Long Do Cats Live?

Since you're all experts here, I was wondering how long cats lived. And, when is a cat considered to be an adult? [:^)]

Trololo Cat

I guess this is an oldie but it always makes me laugh.

Is It Ok To Beat A Cat?

Is it ok to beat a cat slightly if I want to show him I don't like his behaviour? What else ways can I use to break bad habits such as scratching furniture and jumping on forbidden...

Grissom Eating Like A Human

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