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Why Are Cat Tongues Rough?

Any time my friend's cat licks my hand I feel strange roughness. If she does it long, it can even hurt a bit (as if I rubbed my hand with a sandpaper). So why is a cat's tongue...

Sand Kittens And Cats

I've never seen such lovely cats before, I must say! A very special form of the muzzle.

Cat Pee On Leather

Are there any effective ways to remove cat pee odor from leather furniture? My dear kitty decided to leave a remarkable reminder about herself on our leather chair. Anyone had...

What Cats Dream About

...the only thing you can do is to guess.

Be Honest - Does It Describe You?

I'd say yea... every time I see a cat I exclaim, "Kitty!" and my husband always gets a chuckle at that.

Cat Makeup? Painted Cats? For Real?

I got these in an email... (For those of you who are wondering - in fact I checked just to be 100% sure - these kitties are photoshopped )

I Am Going To Shave My Cat

It's very hot here now,and my cat is very furry,he's suffering. Has anyone tried to shave a cat? How do they react to this? And also I wonder if there will be any problems with...

I Am Maru

Thanks for sending me this Ivi, this cat is great to watch! Make sure not to miss the box action after the 4th minute

Are White Cats Deaf

Is it true that most white cats with blue eyes are born deaf? What about cats with differently-coloured eyes (blue and yellow), are they deaf too? If it's not a myth, why does...

Do Cats Always Land On Their Feet? True...

Do you think it's true or not that cats always land on their feet? Have you ever come across this dangerous case? If it's true, how do they do this? Thanks for your opinions.

How To Confuse Your Cat?

It's long but hilarious. By the way, is there any specific behaviour that confuses your cat when you do it?

Does Your Cat Wear A Collar?

Does your cat wear a collar? Or you prefer to avoid this for some reason?

Does Your Cat Need Exercise?

It's easy to arrange if you have a slide nearby.

Funny Cat Sayings

Hey friends! Do you know any funny cat sayings and proverbs? Or any resources where I can find some? I love cats and reading about them! And now I feel like having some fun. I...

Does You Cat Snore?

Raphael's same poll about dogs made me think about starting this one. Does your cat snore?
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