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How To Confuse Your Cat?

It's long but hilarious. By the way, is there any specific behaviour that confuses your cat when you do it?

Does Your Cat Wear A Collar?

Does your cat wear a collar? Or you prefer to avoid this for some reason?

Does Your Cat Need Exercise?

It's easy to arrange if you have a slide nearby.

Funny Cat Sayings

Hey friends! Do you know any funny cat sayings and proverbs? Or any resources where I can find some? I love cats and reading about them! And now I feel like having some fun. I...

Does You Cat Snore?

Raphael's same poll about dogs made me think about starting this one. Does your cat snore?

He Feels Pity For The Kitty

MAybe someone could advice: we've got a cat and want to neuter him because he'll be a completely domestic feline (we won't let him outdoors). But my boyfriend is against it because...

Cat Jokes

Hey guys! Do you know any jokes about cats? Or maybe funny stories? If yes, let's share them! By the way, if you know an anecdote about cats popular in your country, feel free...

Are You Suspicious Of Black Cats?

I've come up with this poll after reading the quote: “A black cat crossing your path signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” - Groucho Marx So what's your opinion about...

Pat The Cat

My older cat likes being patted on the nose, he has a flat one with a hump. My friend's cat, a british shorthair, stretches his front paws out and expect us to rub his armpits...

How To Train Your Human?

Funny cat humor! How To Choose and Train your human A brief video training course for cats about choosing and training their humans that includes the following tips: Food...

This Is What Patience Looks Like

Thanks kiwikatnz

Can I Walk With A Domestic Cat?

My question is, can I walk with a domestic cat? I have both desire and opportunity; all necessary vaccinations are done. But can I?

Cat Thinks It Is A Squirrel?

LOL just have a look at this one... I hope they didn't hurt the cat with those eating sticks! hehe

Kittens Exercise Wheel

Did you think that only hamsters could do that? Hah! You were mistaken.

Cat Registered As Hypnotherapist

The regulation of hypnotherapists in the UK is so lax that even a cat can become accredited, the BBC has found. Chris Jackson, presenter of Inside Out in the North East and...
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