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I Wonder How Much Cats Sleep

How much time do cats sleep during a day? What is their normal sleeping regime?

Kitten Dance

That's incredible how cute clumsy kittens can be.

How To Busy Your Cat

All brilliant ideas are simple, aren't they?

If You Hold It Like This, You Can Hear...

I generally don't post stuff like this, but I couldn't help it this time. giggle Source: I can haz cheezburger

How Do Cats See?

Does anybody know how and what cats see? I;'m quite curious about that and would like to know what you guys know / think about it. Thanks for your opinions!

What Cats Are Really Thinking

Never disturb your cat's nap!

Poll: Does Your Cat Enjoy Washing?

My Barsik doesn't really like washing, and it may be really hard to make him to, because then you'll have to deal with lots of scratching (and his nails are not that little) and...

Poll: Do You Walk Your Cat Out On Leash...

Do you walk your cat out on leash?

Cat Plus Guitar

I laughed my head off at this!! It seems the cat likes it so much!

Unique Cat Shower

Who said that cats don't like water? Some of them find it pretty entertaining and useful!

Cat Associations

What occurs to you when you suddenly hear the word "cat"? The very first thought?

Wild Cat Gang Keeps Lost Boy Alive

This seems al old story, but I came across it just now, and I think it's worth sharing. Can this be real, though? It's hard to believe but who knows? Animals are so unpredictable...

Cat Can Hold Your Hand

Does this make you smile?

How To Lift A Cat?

A very original decision, isn't it? It makes it clear how you can let a cat in if you live in an apartment.

Cat Gets Crushed By Pillow

The kitten doesn't look disturbed too much, does it?
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