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Rat Loves Cat

Wow I never expected so much tenderness of a rat! It seems the cat doesn't always know where to hide from the admirer.

Kitten - Fluffy Ball

Ooh he looks nearly like a teddy bear! giggle

Kitten Vs. Watermelon

Couldn't he find a better toy of his size?!

Falling Asleep Kitten

This is so so so and soooo cute! chuckle

Pure Cat Yawn! - Great Photo

I found this picture at Flickrsome time ago. One of the most incredible cat pictures I've ever seen.

Cat Climbing Into House

So this is the way they get home!

Harley Hates Wrinkles!

So cute. I wonder how old this kitten is.

Top Cat, Literally.

What a cool cool cat

Cat Balancing At Its Best!

Seems to really love the rocking chair and taking up the challenge

Cat Cleaning Fox!

I'm Losing My Head...

...when you pat me like that!

Playtime... Ouch!

Wow... cats can be so naughty...

Unique Broccoli Cat!

Cats don't like vegetables, huh?

Inimitable Trio!!

Hmmm did they take a lot of tries to record something like that?   

Purrring - Watch Before Going To Bed!...

Take a deep breath... relax... and enjoy the peaceful purring....
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