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Lazy Main Coon Grooming!

Ah there's no need to get up at all!

100% Relaxation

Awwhh THIS is how we all must relax!!


First I thought "how boring, my cats would have jumped up the wall by now" but then the last few seconds... hihihi

Main Coon's First Snow

He's so cute playing with that!

Struggling With Sleep!

Oh sooo sweet

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Russian Lady Owns 130 Cats!

Oh my God, and that I had to say at least 3 times while watching this... and I'm still speechless. Hey Elwing, does she say anything interesting? still shocked

Flipping Cat

A Cat Sanctuary

I received this from a friend and thought you might like to view it too. Check it out ...

A Matter Of Perspective

Sorry I had to... Excerpts from a Dog's Diary 8:00 am - Dog food! My favourite thing! 9:30 am - A car ride! My favourite thing! 9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favourite...

Four-Eared Cat!

I found out about this through the "2009 weird science awards" "A cat named Yoda made a big splash during the summer of 2008, thanks to his crazy kitty ears. He was born with...

Go Away, Cat!

Lol what a "courageous" squirrel.

Hilarious Cat Cartoon

Amusing. Just listen to those sweeeeet purrrrrr. What's funny is that the behaviour is QUITE similar to my Barsik! ...

How Long To Keep A New Cat Inside?

I am planning to adopt a 3 year old cat from the cat shelter here. She has always been an indoor/outdoor cat and we'd like to continue that. I always thought the minimum time...

I Smack You!

Well, Chewy is half the size of Gizmo but if he gets in her way...
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