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Cat In Suitcase

Some amusement for cat lovers! Cat in a suitcase

I Love My Owner! - Very Much Tenderness

So much tenderness in this video!

Another Sweet Falling Asleep

Came across this video surfing the net. Awww why are kittens so cute?

Iris Landing

I do think this fellow is reckless.

Cat Litter

Hey all, which cat litter do you guys use? I use this clay clumping one. But i'm sick of having litter all over my place and what I also hate is all the dust when changing the...

Poll: What Do You Do When You See A Stray...

It happens to all of us. So what do you do?

Kitten Attacks Horse

A toy horse!

Cat Doesn't Allow Dog To Eat

That's kind of bold, uh?!

Cleaning A Big Cat

The big one is just overcome with delight! Or is he simply sleeping?..

Terrifying Kitten Fight ;)

What I particularly liked was the music. It gives a special impression of the fight, doesn't it?

Kittens Playing

Amazingly charming, aren't they? 

Super Hypno-Cat!

Terrifying in a way...

Cat Spring Meeeow

Ick... that's now scary, now funny! I hope everything ended up peacefully... 

Persian Being Washed

It's funny at some points, but later I thought: isn't it risky for a cat to water its ears? As I know, water in cat ears isn't really that good... Persian cat, bathing

Purr - Recommended For Relaxation

The title says it all.
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