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Easter Amusements Of Cats

LOL funny! Please watch till the end!

Cat Cleaning The Floor

A smart one! Although it seems it's just enjoying to ride like that.

You Can't Fool A Cat!!

Hihi thismade me smiiiile.

Cat Drinking With PAW

Hmm I knew cats could do this, but I wonder why this cat seems to like it more than usual drinking?

Lazy Cat On Treadmill

I hope this cat is OK??

Little Bully

Yeah, he wins!!

Kitten Play Time

I wonder - in the end, did the other kitten try to pack him in?? lol

Kitten Attacks!

Isn't that terrifying?!

Himalayan Kitten Playing With Tail

Hehe so clumsy yet but soo angry with the tail!! [6]

Cat Playing Dead

LoL Would you now claim that cats are not subject to be trained??

British Shorthair Kittens Dancing

Well, this becomes somehow popular to make videos like that. giggle

Sooo LOVELY Kitten

Aw aw just look at him! The sweetest, the most charming kitty I've ever seen!

Trained Cat

Hehe that's hilarious. But my cat likes following me like that too! So it's not that much fantastic.

Tummy Rub

Wow... adorable! Nothing more can be said.

How To Clean A Cat? Hoover It!

Wow my Barsik would merely run away! Although I've noticed he's becoming braver and braver.
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