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How Long To Keep A New Cat Inside?

I am planning to adopt a 3 year old cat from the cat shelter here. She has always been an indoor/outdoor cat and we'd like to continue that. I always thought the minimum time...

I Smack You!

Well, Chewy is half the size of Gizmo but if he gets in her way...

Boo! :D

What else can be said about it?

As Column

I've no idea what they say but the cat is hilarious.

Barsik's Close-Up

Hey guys! Yesterday I was trying to make a macro of my cat's eye, but I failed, and all decent that I managed to take were these pics. Just want to share. I will still pursue...


Now if Gizmo had this cuuute little squeaky voice I would actually WANT him to miao all day!!! Aaaaah it's so cute, cute isn't even the right word!

Puppy Vs Cat

I wan't really sure whether to post it to cats or dogs section.

Going On Vacation

I have a cat who is 3 years old and I am planning to go on vacation for the first time for two weeks. Now I don't know if I should leave my cat at home and have someone come and...


This video has the title "little kitten, big meow" .. I kept waiting for the big meow and was expecting a real one


I know of dogs getting all psyched when you stroke them but a cat? The noises are hilarious



Think that's a good place to be chasing your tail? Hehe but the gray cat, what a beauty!


At first sight, I thought there were three cats. But there are more!

Together Forever


Jumping Hiiiiigh =)

I wonder how many scratches left on the wall.
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