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Lemme Out!

Devilish Tooth-Brush

Cat Massage

that any dog dreams of!

Weird Food Taste...

Do your cats have some weird food habits? My male likes to chew on a french frie when he can snatch one off me, and he also likes salt & vinegar chips as well as german multigrain...

Natural Talent

Better than me for sure!

Funny Cats

... and destructive too! I actually hadn't seen this compilation before, I'm trying to find the other one I know of

Oh So Cute!

What The..


On Its Nerves!

Probably there was something (supposingly a moth) that got on its nerves!

Cat Doing Dog Tricks

See cats just pretend they aren't as smart as dogs but I knew there was potential!


Some of them are really awesome!! I myself liked the kittens climbing the wall carpet, the cat crawling upside down by clutching at legs of a table, and the last two cats! ...

Cat Meets Kitten

I laughed my head off at the way the kitten kicked the cat! Really inventive!!

Silly Kittens

Hihi how sweet!

How Young Is Your Cat? Take The Test!

Catage is a very good site where you give in various information such as if your cat is an indoor cat, if you're a smoker and what food you feed your cat in order to calculate...
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