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Cat Resolutions

Hey guys, I got these in an e-mail and it made my day. Sharing for you to have a smile too. In fact I got similar ones about dogs - will post them too soon. My human will...

Acting Like He Is Having A Seizures Or...

Seizure or strokes, maybe due to linking hydrocortisone cream off my leg

African Lovebirds Toys?

Toys for African lovebirds

Kittens Riding Vacuum

Kittens can make fun of everything.

Some Strange Cats In This World


My Brown Snake Won't Eat!!!?

I got 3 brown Snakes 3 weeks ago, and they won't eat!! I put dirt in their cage and they started EATING DIRT!! What do I do?? They are still in the cage. I think one is a male...

My Brown Snake (Dekay) Won't Eat!!?

I found some brown snakes (dekay) in my backyard with my siblings the past couple of weeks and they won't eat! So what do I do! I put them in a cage with dirt in it today, and...

Smelly Dog

Cassy, my glen terrior stinks. I bathe him once a week. But the next day he smells like dog. It's not his ears...had them checked. He does scratch alot. HELP?

Cat Biting Me In My Sleep?

Hello. So I've had my precious kitty a little over a year now. She's just now turned 2 and I love her to bits. We get along great and she is a very happy cat. She has lots of...

Cat Signs Of Affection

Hey guys, How does your cat show that it loves you? What signs of affection can you spot? Here are my two cents. Come on, guys! Let's share how our cats express their trust and...

Dog Agression?

Hi, when I am on a walk with my dog and he sees another dog, he viscoucly growls, pulls, and snaps at them. It is only when I am taking him out, as he isn't as protective of other...

Lost Baby Cornsnake?

Hey, so last night I put my cornsnake back into her case and made sure it was secured three times before climbing into bed, I got up and searched her case and could not find...


We have bought a 12 week old budgie today off a breeder but tonight he is sleeping on the bars of his cage is this normal

Post Mortem Color Changes In A Cat?

My cat disappeared. He was white with a pink nose pad and pink lips. He had patches of black on his ears. For identification purposes, I would like to know that if a day to two...

Hygenine Issue?

Hi my name is Rosie, im a short hair tabby. She. Lately has a problem with a smelly butt.is this a health issue? Or a hygenine issuem
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