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Blood After Stool?

khloe is 13 years old and has had I.B.S. for about 3 years. I have noticed once in a while after a normal bowl movement a little dihiareha with a very small amount of bright red...

How Do I Stop My?

how do I stop my kitten from shredding my curtains

Is My Cat Half Bombay?

I adopted my Beautiful kitty Lucca when he was 6 months old. he grew into this strong gorgeous creature with a thick strong tail, and very strong solid body. He is pitch black...

What To Do If I?

what to do if i spayed my cat and she is still coming into heat

Hi, I Have A 2?

Hi, I have a 2 years old son and a 9 months old male kitty. My son is all day playing with the cat and my kitty is almost always sneezing and he kisses the kitty....he might is...

Cat Feces?

I am having an issue with my neighbors cats. They were pooping in my rose bed due to the mulch i later found out cats love so i got rid of all my mulch. I have never owned a cat...


Are bengal cats a lot of work or exhausting to care for? Heard they are very active.

Cat Home Alone?

Hello dear cat fanciers! I dream about getting a kitten but so far there have been two obstacles. 1) My husband has never had cats so he isn't fond of this idea (but I've almost...

New Cat In The House?

My older cat is not accepting the new male kitty. Anything I can do to help this along...


i am allergic to cats,but i heard some of the cat breeds are still ok for allergic people,is bengal or russian white or ragdoll one of them ?

Can My Cat That Had?

can my cat that had 3 kittens yesterday jump out of birthing box on her own? Its been 12 hours and she hasnt come out yet.

Tshort Haired Exotic Cat?

I am looking for a kitten from a cat breeder that costs less than $100.00 Any suggestions Phyllis

Why Is Cat Litter So Expensive?

Are there any cheap but good quality cat litters? Most of them are so expensive. I cannot afford them and I don't know what to do.

Why Are Gray Cats Called Silver Or Blue...

I could never understand why gray cats are called silver or blue. Any ideas?

Can Kittens Retract Their Claws?

Is it true kittens can't retract their claws until they grow up?
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