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Cat Hair?

Does swallowing a cat hair causes asthama

Nudder Cat?

It's hard for my cat to eat with the plastic ring so what to do

Is Cocoa A Cat Name?

is cocoa a cat name

9 Year Old Male Cat?

My cat has blood in his stool not all the time I took a stool sample to the vet and everything came back negative he didn't have any issues for 2 weeks now it's back again he...

British Long Hair Cat?

As my cat is getting older ,she's now 15 /16 years but she puts bad knots in her fur as quick as I get them out and she's getting more grumpy about being groomed and dematting...

Sick Feral?

I have a alpha feral male who all of a sudden has stopped eating and drinking water all together. ive tried wet / dry food even tuna as well as salmon. He sniffs and seems interested...

Gift For My Sister?

hi. My sister has a turkish angora and her birthday is coming soon. Do you think that I could buy her these earrings or would you buy something more related to turkish angora cats...

Cat Personal Space?

Hi! Thank you for all your work promoting clicker training for cats. It's an integral part of our household! I have a question for you. I had two sibling cats, and lost one...

The Elf Cat's Skin?

I was wondering what the texture their skin was to the touch and how much hair they have, I am researching all of the types of hairless cat for reference.

Kitty Litter

What type of kitty litter do you use and does your cat like it? How often do you change the litter and scrub the boxes?

Pet Taxi - Cat Hurts Its Nose

Hi, I have a 8 & a 9 years-old cats, and I am moving soon. Its not the first time I move, I know the routine at departure and arrival, but this time, we have a 7 hours drive....

Crossing A Don With A Canadian?

a friend has crossed a don with a canadian, the kittens have been born with fur. will they lose it as he says?

How Meany Bones Do Cats?

how meany bones do cats have\

Cat Hair / Fur?

Is Cat - Hair harmful for babies/toddlers and also in any way to pregnant women?

Best Cat Litter Pan?

I just want to know which is the best cat litter pan? I need to get one for my 2yr cat.
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