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Genius Cat Shelter Ad

You don't need to spend a lot of money for something to work, this ad for a cat shelter is awesome!

My Cat Never Purrs

Why does my cat never purr when he is sitting on my lap? Does it mean he doesn't love me? Nor does he knead his paws into me like I've seen many other cats do. Is it something...

Cats Taking Care Of Humans

What would we do without them!

Travelling For Delivery Soon And Cat Must...

I just finished a crying session. Cried like a small kid with lots of snot sorry tmi. See we've rescued this small kitten from the street when she was 3 weeks. I bottle fed her...

How Often Do People Pay

How often do people pay attention to cats with collars on in their neighborhood?

Feral Cat?

We have a feral cat that we feed and water. Yesterday and today her tongue is hanging out and drooling. We can't get close to her because she is feral and she looks like she always...

Will You Buy Your Dog A Christmas Gift...

As you prepare your holiday shopping budget for friends, family and significant others, don't forget the one who is truly there for you through thick and thin: your dog. It is...

Chantilly Tiffany

Looking for breeders in the US?

How Many Cat Breeds In The World?

how many cat breeds are in the world

My Cat Fights With My Neighbors Cat?

My neighbor brought my cat down to my house saying that my cat has been fighting with theirs and if he fights with their cat again he will call the pound. What do I do? People...

Cats That Look Like Foxes?

Hi does anyone know some cat breeds that look like foxes???

Cat Hair?

Does swallowing a cat hair causes asthama

Nudder Cat?

It's hard for my cat to eat with the plastic ring so what to do

Is Cocoa A Cat Name?

is cocoa a cat name

9 Year Old Male Cat?

My cat has blood in his stool not all the time I took a stool sample to the vet and everything came back negative he didn't have any issues for 2 weeks now it's back again he...
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