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Removed Poo Still Stinks!

My dog had an accident on the carpet, I cleaned it as much as I could but I can still smell it! What can I do to get rid of that smell?

Blue Eyed Dogs?

Do blue eyes see as well as other colors?

Puppy Deworming?

What could be the reason why my 11/2 teacup Pomeranian died 2 after he dewormer by a vet?he had seizures & drooling of saliva.

Why My Scottish Terrier Stinks?

Why my Scottish terrier stinks


what is meant by the phrase vicarious reinforcement

Husky/Shepherd X Pit/Shepherd?

I want to breed my Male 1/2 Husky 1/2 German Shepherd with my friend's 1/2 Pitbull 1/2 German Shepherd. Both dogs have even temperament and get along well with other dogs. Anybody...

Our Dog Turned Mean After Being Spayed...

We have a six year old dog we came in possession of after her owner died. She was a very sweet dog. We took her to get spayed about a month ago and she has since turned mean....

I Have A Puppy Calendar?

I have a puppy calendar with a light brown long haired small dog with blue eyes. there are no dog breed stated on the picture. Does such a dog exist? I would love one like the...

I Have A Medium Small?

I have a medium small black curly hair dog with white under his chin and chest, his stance is perfect,he is super light(I That's one reason I think he might be a special breed...

Kishu Inu?

Hi everyone, I´m looking for a Kishu Inu breeder. Maybe you can recommend a breeder in the EU? I´m from Germany and I´ve sawn a breeder in Poland but I have heard a lot of bad...

Hi There, I Need Some?

hi there, i need some advice please. I have recently adopted a 2.5 year old british bulldog and i need to find out if i walk him before feeding him or viva versa? The previous...

What To Expect?

I asked a breeder about the parentage of her labradoodle puppies. She said "Father is an F2 Labradoodle. He is tall and thin like a standard poodle. His parents looked just like...

What Breeds Of Dog Are?

what breeds of dog are the most fearce protectors of there masters

Dogs Tongue Hanging Out?

My 3 year old dog all of a sudden sleeps with her tongue hanging out should i be worried

Please Help?

After months of deliberating we finally decided to purchase a family pet. We felt we asked all the right questions and saw mum and dad which looked lovely healthy dogs. Weve since...
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