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English Bulldog Pups For Adoption

We have ADORABLE English Bulldog puppies for adoption looking for their new forever homes. We have the most beautiful English Bulldogs with the perfect Bulldog look. Email me at...

8 Month Toy Fox Terrier?

I have a 8 month old toy fox terrier and he is consistly ripping my tile floor up.all the tile are 12"x12".What can i do to make him stop?

Ativan For Dogs?

Is it safe to give ativan for dogs?

Help My Dog Got A Deer?

I have an 18 month old huskey cross rescue who was in my fenced yard when a deer got in, he ran the deer and killed it. I live in an area where you are legally entitled to shoot...

German Sheperd Behavior?

we have just moved in with my dad, stepmom, and litte sister, they havea full blooded german tha s about 2 1/2years old. her behvior has been out of the ordinary since we moved...

Syberian 4 Yr Old Biting?

My 4 yr old male syberian husky just but my husband hard last night. He was sitting next to him on the couch and held his front paw. Smoki snapped at him and he grabbed it again...

Why Not Collies?

I have had rough collies for many years and they never had any doggy odour.Yes,there was a bit of it whenever they had a bath but the smell disappeared as soon as they where completely...

I Found A Dog With?

I found a dog with no collar on the side of the road 7 months ago. He was in good shape so I assumed he had a home. Over the next month I took him to 2 vets to check for microchips...

I Have A 7 Yr

I have a 7 yr old lab and ive just taken on some night shifts at work and have found out that my dog is now barking all night non stop on the nights im working... Help!!!!!


I loved your post "15 Dogs and Their Teddy Bears". My dog is turning 15 this year and has had a teddy bear all his life. How could I submit my photo? Thank you.

How Could Anyone With A?

How could anyone with a heart leave their family dog at the pound?

Why Do Dogs Whine In?

Why do dogs whine in their sleep?

Dewormed For Puppy's?

I had my puppy dewormed Tuesday the vet gave her the first dose told me to give half of what was left Wednesday And the rest to her on Thursday which I did she has been vomiting...

My Puppy?

I have a 11 week old puppy that I've had for 6 weeks. I am trying to train him and when he does something wrong its always me that has to be the bad guy,, get the paper and yell...

Extreme Sensitivity To Small Noises?

Hoping someone might have some suggestions about how I can handle this problem with my almost-1-year-old female rough collie, Zoe. I have two of them, the other her male brother...
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