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How To Ignore Your Little Brother

The older one looks a bit of a philosopher ignoring the small fellow.

Dog And Goose

It seems that they are playing, doesn't it?.. I don't want to believe in a maniacal goose!

Dog Adopts A Monkey!

Dog adopts a monkey!

Poll: What Is Your Dog's Favorite Activity...

Hey fellow pet lovers! Is there any specific activity that your dogs loves to do most of all?

Sliding Doberman

One of the most hilarious dog videos I have ever seen.

Why Dachshunds Have Short Legs

Another one from the news series for today: Scientists discover secret of why dachshunds have short legs! ...

Dogs Understand Gestures As Well As Toddlers

Hey all, some recent dog news: ...

Poll: Have You Ever Been Bitten By A Dog...

Have you ever had such an unpleasant experience? I myself had. When I was about 6-7 years old, my aunt's poodle bit my forefinger. It was not too painful but I felt somewhat...

Cute Retriever Puppy Falling Asleep

Hey Glenda, I suppose your puppy looks as clumsy&adorable, doesn't she?

Pugs Tilting Their Heads

One of the funnies (or silliest? ) dog videos I've ever seen, lol!

Beba In Stormy Weather

Husky Comforts Baby

This is why I think children and pets should have a chance to interact.

Beagle Puppy Howls

It's not only the Husky that can howl passionately.

Transporting Dogs

Hello all~ I am helping get some dogs from another state to PA this weekend. They are rescue dogs and going to a shelter. In the past I wanted to do this, but it never worked out...

What A Beautiful Dog..

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