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Simon's Sister's Dog 'Fed Up'

No comment.

Dancing Dog

It does seem to enjoy it!

Paws Playing Piano

Not only playing but also singing!

Oscar The Howling Boxer

Husky Dog Singing

Awh husky is one of my favourite dog breeds.


Here we are - my first post. Not my dog, or my puppies - this new family belongs to friends of ours in Austria. The pictures arrived today - apparently they don't know who the...

Stupid Dog ?

Or just mean? "Trapped in a force field. "

Faith - The Two-Legged Amazing Dog!

Isn't it a great example of overcoming ANY difficulties that you may face in life? Even those that seem fatal! Wow, I'm really astonished! If wish people never gave up but kept...

Funny Dogs!

I laughed alot when i saw the video.

Sleeping Dog Running Away

I guess the doggie felt relieved when awoke.

Siberian Husky After Breking New Plasma...

When you look into his crystal eyes... uh, can you really say it was anyhow purposely, deliberately, or planned??

Did Your Pets Run Away?

My dog pluto like to go out when ever he got a chance , so when he sees that the gate is open by chance when someone comes or goes through it and forgot to close he will run and...

Positive Energy Of Dogs And Puppies!

Yeah I'm walking on sunshine!

Husky Dogs And Polar Bears... Playing...

WOW is not THAT fantastic?!

Husky Fur... Wow!

What else would you expect of a Siberian dog??
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