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I Love You, Husky Says!

Wow out of everything said, I could clearly hear I LOVE YOU once!!

Crafty Dog Playing Basketball

I bet it's the dog's favourite game hehe

This Dog Ain't Mad, It's Playful!

Where does it take so much energy from??

Dog Show - American Cocker Spaniel From...

Albeit I adore cats, these cockers... they do loook lovely. Awh they seem so proud to be at the show!

Dog Saves Fellow Canine

Wow It's Dog's best friend ^^

My Angry Puppy

Funny Dog & Cat

Haha brilliant

Appenzeller Sennenhundes (Choosing A Breed...

I thought I'd post a bit of an article, because according to the article this dog is becoming extinct... Having been around the forums reading a lot on behaviour and breeds it...

Site With Breed Information

Hi, I was ambling about the internet and I came across a good site for recognising dog breeds [link] Thought this might come in handy it's a wealth of information

More Dog & Cat Love

Beba Time

A video of Beba out and about...

Sliding Yorkie

It's smart!

Entertain Yourself! ;)

Isn't it easy to find a way to entertain yourself?!

Pomeranian Puppies

So cute I want to cry Awww

How To Keep Your Dog Occupied...

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