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Drifting Off Into Neverland...

Hehe how cute!!!

Talking Dogs!

A compilation of talking dogs, hilarious, especially the last dog!

Talented Dog

Others can fly, this one can skateboard (and he's great at it too!)

Lost In Space!

Ok, must find the skydiving dog now..

Oh That's Mean

Good At Math

How can this be, I don't really believe it... But this Animal Planet show looks good, I'm finding many cool videos.

Dog And Cat Love

really makes me want to get a dog! (In hope they'd get along that well too!)

Dog Gone Mad

I think he needs a therapist?

He Brings Life Into The Cat's World!

This is so cute and it makes me want to get little hyper dog myself because my cats have become sooo lazy and this would spice up their life

Weird Family

Wow it makes me wonder if it ever crosses either the dogs or the cats mind to have just a little nibble?

How Young Is Your Dog?

Figures they would have a test for dogs too - Dogage! " No more multiplying by 7 years to learn your dog's age in people years. The DogAge Test measures...

Canine Freestyle?

This is absolutely gobsmacking! From Britain's Got Talent 2008 - Episode 1
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