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I Am Thinking To Buy?

I am thinking to buy a pug in India where the temperature in summer is around 40 to 45 Celsius but I don't have air conditioner at my house so will it be okay to keep it???

Deworm Side Effect?

My dog 10 months old shepherd hound mix got a deworm pill and she is off the wall. She won't stop crying heavy panting jumping around. Is this normal ?

Sick Puppy After Warming Meds?

I gav my 2 mouth old puppy nemex2 two days ago the next day she victim 4 times that was yesterday n haven't eat anything now today she woke up act all better at Frist but she...

Scared For Her?

How Many Days Does It Usually Take For A Dog To Stop Vomiting & Being Weak After Its Shits & Deworming? She Hasn't Acted Like This Until She Got Her Shots! Please Help Worried...

Who Is A Better Pet,?

Who is a better pet, Cats or dogs?

Found Dog 9 Mths Ago. Owner Wants Back

Nine months ago I found a lost dog with no tags, no collar, etc. I reported the lost dog found to the appropriate authorities. I took the dog to the vet to see if it was microchipped...

If You Want Your Dog

If you want your dog to eat you out use a tropical chew if it's a female they love it

I Have Had To Toilet?

i have had to toilet my pups back end since he was born mum will toilet the front but not the back he was an only pup he is now 4 weeks old and i still have to toilet him


I was wondering if you could tell me how much you bought your puppy for . I have some puppy's and was wondering what to sell th for, so any help would be appreciated. Thank...

Pregnat Chiguahuas?

I has 3 chiguahuas maybee pregnat you said that the dose in foilic acid is 50mcg.But i want to know that is this is daily,weekly or monthly. And they need to feed with puupy food...

My Dog?

My dog is walking while he pees is this a medical problem or a regular problem

Vet Neglect

My doggies a seizure I went straight to vet who did a blood test and said her white cells were high an sausage had a infection and prescribed antibiotics. Two days later she...

My Dog Is Around 12-15?

My dog is around 12-15 years old and she was a rescue dog that was living on the street according to the way she looked was a good while, I've had her almost 3 years, for the...

Valentine's Gift For My Smelly One!

With the Valentine's day just around the corner, I've decided to get something for my lovely Jimmie. I bought him a Deluxe Lectro kennel Mat from Pet Street Mall. He is having...

New Puppy?

At home we have a cross bred dog of sheepdog and border collie aged 8, and a cat aged 5 unknown breed. My daughter aged 16 wants to get a husky as she is in love with them. would...
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