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Took Puppy To Vet To?

took puppy to vet to be dewormed she was given cestex an now very sleepy is that normal

My Dog Is Having A?

my dog is having a throat problem what his lifespan gonna be?

Swallowed Part Of A Pork Chomp (Rawhide...

Hi! My 2 year old lab ate a whole pork chomp (broken in pieces), last night. He started coughing 5 or 6 times within 20 minutes and tried to throw up, but couldn't. I ended...

Hairy Dogs?

What kind of dogs are small, hairy. curly, and cute?

Bedlington Terriers/Darkenning Skin?

Our Bedlington is now 2 and although her fur is white/gray her skin on her back is turning black...is there a problem?

Chihuahua Ear Folds Down

Please I need your help! My Chihuahua is 3,5 months old and one of her previously standing up ears is suddenly folding down. I have no idea what may have caused it and how to...

Chihuahua Unusual Behavior?

I have a 1yr old female Chihuahua that whenever she begins to fall asleep she will growl and snap at something behind her, she sounds like a gremlin(never hear her make this sound...

Is There A Huskie That?

Is there a huskie that doesn't shed?

Blue Eyes?

How old do some breeds with blue eyes as puppies, change eye color?

Uncontrolled Licking Motion?

my 4.5 year old Irish terrier has had several episodes where she does a licking in and out motion constantly / uncontrollably and looks in distress. She will shake her head as...

Dog/Baby Gate?

My son is just about to start walking and we want to put up a baby gate so he can't get into the kitchen. The problem is our lab has to go through the kitchen to get to his dog...

Blue Eyed Dogs?

we recently adopted a blue eyed pup from a rescue - they said the mother was a feist and the father was a cocker spaniel - he is a shorthaired (no curl) black and white fellow...


I don't know what kind of dog Marley is

Licking Her Butt After Deworming?

Licking her butt after deworming is it normal ot not

Blue-Eyed Puppy?

Will a puppy that is a beagle-dachshund mix born with blue eyes remain blue-eyed as it matures?
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