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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Grain...

I've done a quick research about grain free food and to my surprise I found that it has disadvantages such as increasing fat content (can cause obesity and thus not good for pets...

Smoking At Your Pet's Presence?

A question to all those who smoke. When you smoke, how does your cat or dog react to that, if there's any reaction at all? Do you try to smoke when the pet is not around?

Cat And Budgerigar, How To Befriend?

So my boyfriend and I decided to live together BUT there's this problem with our pets. I have a budgie and he has a cat. Should we just keep the bird in a room the cat can't access...

Daily Pet Care

I was just wondering what are the regular care procedures you do for your pet daily? Anything specific or just the commonly known stuff?

Does Holistic Mean Grain Free?

Hello everyone! Having read some posts about holistic and grain free pet food, I'm at a loss. Are they the same food just called differently? If not what's the difference?

Can Pets Predict Weather?

Do you think our pets can predict weather? Have you noticed any changes in your pet's behaviour as the weather changes? I have heard some cats begin to behave anxiously but I have...

Pit Bulls And Cats?

Are pit bulls good with cats and other animals or they do tend to be iffy with them like most terrier breeds?

Metal Tags Found In Evanger's Dog Food

If anyone is feeding Evanger’s dog food or even cat food please either bring it back or check the cans. This is from Canada, it was on the news just last night there. When you...

Poll: Cloning Your Pet?

Would You Consider Cloning Your Pet?

Euthanized Animals In Pet Food

Hello pet lovers, Today is one of the most shocking days in my life. My friend sent me a link that turned my view about pet food upside down. Well, I had known retail pet food...

Cat And Dog?

we have a dog, a papillon, and my daughter brought home a kitten that needs to be taken care of and she wants him to stay so much. at the moment he's in a room our dog can't enter...

Holistic Food Brands

Hello all, I've decided to switch my pets (2 cats and a dog) to holistic food but I don't know what brands I should consider. Are the any that are commonly known as holistic only...

Partners In Crime

Team work!

Who Wins?

In your opinion, who wins the battle?

Poll: Pet Choice Says Anything About The...

How much can you tell about a person if you know his or her choice of pets?
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