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Friendliest Small Pet For Children

Hi I was wondering what the friendliest small pet is, meaning I don't want it to bite. We don't want cats or dogs, but we'd like to have our daughter learn about the responsibilities...

What Does The Name Mishka Mean?

I've come across the name Mishka very often lately. Why is it such a popular pet name and what does it mean?

Longest Pet (Cat, Dog) Name

hey folk, let's see whose pet (cat, dog or other pet!) has the longest name? just post your pet's name and the number of letters it contains.. if you have several pets, feel free...

Look At These Cute African Wild Puppies

I came across this photo and felt like sharing it with the world. Can anyone tell the breed? I'm curious.

Can I Use Essential Oils On Animals?

I know some can be toxic, anyone know of some oils that can be used on cats and dogs that are not toxic?

Fleas On Grounds?

I live in Florida in an apartment complex which allows pets. The dog population is larger than cats. People are always walking their dogs on the grounds. Landscaping is done on...

How Long Do Cymric's Live?

How long do Cymric's live for in years?

Negative Aspects Of Neutering

Hai I've heard a lot about positive aspects of neutering like better personality and health but something tells me it's just one side of the coin. Are there any negative aspects...

So Sad :(

Hundreds of dogs and cats die from rock salt scattered by gritters in big freeze Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1341137/Hundreds-dogs-cats-die-rock-salt-scattered...

Why Are Cats And Dogs More Popular Pets...

why do you guys think cats and dogs are the most popular pets unlike hamsters for example? rodents can make great companions too and they take less space and require less time...

What Should I Do?

i have a brand new kitten that looks like she has worms should i deworm her? shes only 7 weeks old.thx

How Can You Preserve A?

how can you preserve a dead parakeet

Is It Okay To Give A Pet As Present?

Do you think it is okay to give a pet to someone as a Christmas present?

How Good Is Eukanuba

Is Eukanuba high quality pet food? I've been in several pet shops and this is the most expensive option I could find. Since it's expensive I'm expecting it to be good but need...

Dog Custody Battle

Hi everyone! Long story short, my (now ex) boyfriend of 5 years and I broke up last month. We had bought a dog together last year, a sweet little black and tan coonhound who is...
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