My cat Jessie has been diagnosed with mild Ginivitus. I can see a slight reddening of her gums. They are not bleeding and she is not off her food and is not in obvious pain.
The vet says that she needs to go in sometime to be examined and her tartar removed.
She has been fed on a 50/50 mix of wet and dry food up till now.

Are there alternative treatments, special food, regular brushing, antiseptic gums as an alternative to this?
I would like to hear your experiences.
She is 10 years old.
More details about her are on http:/

IMHO, have the dental done and then establish and maintain a brushing regimen. Cats are notorious for not showing pain. A few years ago I took my oldest in for a dental and he ended up having 2 extractions. When he came home later that day, I fully expected him to just rest, but he felt so good all he wanted to do was play! I hadn't realized how lousy he really must have felt, and it was so gradual I didn't notice. I have three cats and they all get their teeth brushed every other day.
It's not something to ignore, as it can lead to a potentially fatal condition.
Thanks for the advice.
I will put her into the Vets shortly.
Jessie is very spiky, how is the best way of teaching her to have her teeth brushed?